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TEŠ, 18. 3. – 26. 4. 2019, Šoštanj

Legenda o nastanku treh jezer

Škalar is a lake monster that has been digging holes in the area of Šaleška valley since the 15th century onwards. There are numerous victims in this fable. A long long time ago, some 2,5 million years ago, a lake dragon Pozoj was hatched from a red egg that a seven year old rooster layed. Pozoj was hatched in an underground lake in the Kozjak mountain and broke out through the rock, which made the lake move to the valley. Because of this, St. George ran a spear into the dragon´s heart. Dragon blood then turned to charcoal. To offer thanksgiving to the hero, the villagers built a church and under that church the precious dragon´s blood remain hidden. But the priceless black treasure was then found some 150 years ago by our new lake monster Škalar, who slowly started with the feast. That giant treat caused the church that was built to honour Pozoj-s slayer, St. George to crumble in the year 1951 and after that sink to the bottom of the lake. That was not the last hole he set up; in the beginning of 21st century he dug another one. This time he drained the land and caused a 1,41M deep financial hole.

The prize question is: What does the dragon´s blood turn into?

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